Individual Pension Plans

12 October, 2017

Are mutual funds better than stocks? Are stocks better than ETF's? Are Treasury Bills better than CD's? Well… is a hammer better than a saw? Is a belt sander better than a pair of pliers? Is a screwdriver better than a wrench?... Read More

The five stages of retirement

28 September, 2017

Retirement is a moving target that defies a singular definition because it will be different for every individual. However, planning for this event occurs continuously throughout the one’s financial life-cycle and usually has five stages. Let’s take... Read More

Diversification is critical

14 September, 2017

I’m often asked how important diversification is to one’s portfolio. I hope to clarify this issue once and for all in this column. One of the basic propositions in finance is that a lot of the risk attached to investments is unique to that particular... Read More

Rethinking Retirement

31 August, 2017

For many people, the image of retirement is embodied in the term “golden years.” In this idealized conception, retirement follows the long period of one’s life when working and raising children are the dominant themes. It is based on the assumptions... Read More

Low investment returns may be the new norm

10 August, 2017

Filed Under: Financial Planning

I recently attended an investment conference in New York, a city that’s always fun to visit… especially when work can be combined with pleasure.... Read More

Why doctors run out of money

3 August, 2017

Filed Under: Financial Planning

I was meeting with a physician client a few weeks ago, and he was puzzled why so many of his confreres have money problems.... Read More

Whose side are financial regulators on… and what’s up with the banks?

20 July, 2017

Filed Under: Investment Services

I would preface this column by stating that I do not understand how any investment advisor, let alone the industry regulator – the very body whose role it is to protect the investing public – can refuse to embrace the client best interest standard.... Read More

Family Business Planning Strategies

6 July, 2017

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If you are an owner in a family enterprise, the chances of your business successfully transitioning to future generations are not very good. This fact has not changed over the years.... Read More

Life insurance – a valuable financial planning tool

22 June, 2017

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The hardest part about buying life insurance is trying to find good – and objective – advice on whether it makes sense in your planning, how to best use it, how much is enough, and what type to buy.... Read More

Removing emotion from investing

8 June, 2017

Volatile markets can be stressful to some, but the wise and unemotional investor knows that he or she can still make money, or reduce losses, by using a very easy and time-tested investment strategy.... Read More

Securing your Family's Future

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